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    FP7 Project 202222 - Predict IV

    Participant 13: SimCyp

    Simcyp Limited, Blades Enterprise Centre, John Street, Sheffield S2 4SU, UK

    Participant leader: Prof. Dr. Amin Rostami

    Relevant experience and laboratory resources:

    Simcyp is a University of Sheffield spin-out company that focuses on information management consultancy to develop algorithms, databases and software for modelling and simulation (M&S) of the absorption and disposition of drugs in patients and specific sub-groups of patients. The models use experimental data generated routinely during pre-clinical drug discovery and development from in vitro enzyme and cellular systems.

    A number of researchers with the bio-informatics background required for simulation of ADMET and computational facilities and personnel for professional software development. In addition administrative experience in organization of “educational workshops” on the role of in vitro - in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) as part of M&S using Whole-Body Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetics (WBPBPK) techniques held in various locations around the world.

    Principal staff involved:

    Key personnel to be involved in this project include 4 research scientists with relevant background in WBPBPK modelling. There are other scientists who carry out data acquisition tasks using available literature and their work complements the models developed by the team leaders.

    Amin Rostami, PharmD, PhD, is the Director of R&D within Simcyp Limited who also has a joint appointment at the University of Sheffield as a Reader in Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism.

    Masoud Jamei, PhD, is a senior scientist at Simcyp Limited with extensive experience in various aspects of modelling and control of industrial (automotive and steel) and biomedical (drug development and physiologically based pharmacokinetic) applications.

    Kairui (Kevin) Feng, PhD in Automatic Control and System, is a Senior Research Scientist at Simcyp Limited. His research interests include in parameter estimation, population data analysis, PKPD, ADME, PBPK and model-based drug development.

    Sebastian Polak, PhD, has experience in modelling using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in pharmaceutical technology and has been leading an international training module on eLearning.

    Role of the participant in the project and main tasks:

    The participant will investigate the role of inter-individual variability, based on the current Simcyp platform on susceptibility to toxicity from environmental chemicals and drugs. We will incorporate and validate additional modules within Simcyp with capability of assessing absorption (and hence systemic exposure) of chemicals from skin and lung ased on in vitro data and characteristics of each molecule (WP5).


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