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    FP7 Project 202222 - Predict IV

    Participant 9: KaLy

    KaLy-Cell, 18 rue Alain Savary, Besançon, France

    Participant leader: Prof. Dr. Lysiane Richert

    Relevant experience and laboratory resources:

    KaLy-Cell was founded in 2004 by Prof Lysiane Richert, Ph.D. to provide contract research services with hepatocytes from animal and human origin to optimize the discovery, development and approval of drugs, food additives, agrochemicals and nutraceuticals. KaLy-Cell services deliver information to evaluate inter-species differences in safety and drug efficacy, to predict inter-individual variations in safety and drug efficacy, and to explain adverse reactions. KaLy-Cell is fully equipped with molecular and cellular biology technologies and has an extensive experience and knowledge in the field of primary hepatocyte cultures and in vitro toxicology. KaLy-Cell is also actively involved in innovative research in hepatocyte cell biology, in vitro toxicology and cell therapy. KaLy-Cell has been involved in the ECVAM-sponsored prevalidation study for the use of primary cultures of human hepatocytes to study CYP inducibility by drugs, coordinated by L. Richert.

    Principal staff involved:

    Dr. L. Richert (F) is a professor in Cell Biology at the School of Pharmacy, Besançon, France since 1993, after having served as an In vitro Toxicologist at Rhône Poulenc Santé (1986 – 1992) and as a Regulatory Toxicologist at Rhône – Poulenc Agro (1992 – 1993). She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and serves as a reviewer for several toxicological and molecular biology journals. The focus of her research activities for the past 12 years was on alternative methods in particular tissue and cell culture models that mimic toxicological relevant target organs such as the liver. She has also a broad experience in international project work.

    Support of this project will be provided by C. Abadie (F), Ph.D., who is specialized in human hepatocyte isolation and culture as well as technical staff.

    Role of the participant in the project and main tasks:

    The participant will contribute to WP2 and WP3.


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