FP7 Project 202222 - Predict IV

    Participant 12: UU

    Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences – IRAS, Division of Toxicology, Utrecht University, Netherlands
    Participant leader: Dr. Bas J. Blaauboer

    Relevant experience and laboratory resources

    The Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) at Utrecht University is an interfacultary research institute. The Division of Toxicology focuses in four main areas: Immunotoxicology, Neurotoxicology, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and Cellular and Molecular Toxicology (CMT). The research in IRAS-CMT focuses on the elucidation of the modes of toxic action on the cellular and the biochemical level.

    Principal staff involved:

    Dr. Bas J. Blaauboer (M) is an associate professor within the Biochemical Toxicology unit of IRAS. He has extensive experience with in vitro system development and application, with PBPK modelling and with the theoretical and practical aspects of the risk assessment process. He has been the supervisor of over 12 PhD theses and has a list of more than 140 publications. He coordinated an EU project on the use of in vitro data in biokinetic modelling. He is the leader of two workpackages in the EU-funded integrated programme on alternative methods to estimate acute toxicity (A-Cute-Tox). He was from 1993-2002 a member of ECVAM Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) and is chairman of the ECVAM Task Force on Integrated Testing. He is an observer in IVTIP (In vitro Toxicity Industrial Platform). He is a member of the Health Council in the Netherlands, of the Dutch Board for the Accreditation of Pesticides and the Editor of the journal Toxicology in vitro.

    Role of the participant in the project and main tasks:

    Partner will participate in WP3, by studying modelling biokinetic behaviour of compounds under study and by implementing the outcomes of in vitro data and kinetic information in decision strategies. We will also be involved in studying the kinetic behaviour of compounds in in vitro systems (“in vitro biokinetics”), aiming at determining the effective concentration of compounds in in vitro models.


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